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Brave Delphi

Those of you who have met our dog Delphi would probably not describe her as brave.

But brave she is! 

Last weekend she got in to a big, scary fight with her doggie cousin Stella.  Long story short, there was a lot of blood, and Gina’s sister – an ICU nurse – saved Delphi’s life.

Two trips to the emergency vet, two stitches and five staples later (and minus one jugular vein), Delphi’s doing great and she’s as cheerful as ever. 

She’s going to be just fine, and it won’t be long before she is back out running at the park.

Yay Delphi!


We noticed this morning that despite the harsh winter, a plant is just beginning to come up in our garden.

It’s a plant that Monica brought us from Grammy’s garden in Ohio last spring.  It was very nice to see a reminder of Grammy today.