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Fall Break

We work so hard in all our jobs and of course on our dissertations too.

So we were really ready for a long weekend – classes were canceled for Columbus Day and we went to the zoo. We haven’t been there for a year and a half! Lots of things are the same. Do you see any animals?

But they did put in a few new things. For example during the really long hike from Africa to North America (1:1 scale) they put in a geyser! Beat that Steffi and Dietmar!

And in the dome where the monkeys and meerkats and little tiny deer animal used to be, there is now an exhibit of African Violets. Psst! You wanna buy some gold watches?

And this here is just a nice flamingo with some feathers in his mouth.


Toronto Zoo

It has been almost a month since we went to Canada for Isabella’s 2nd birthday (she’s the adorable little nose-picker from a few posts back). We were terrible about taking pictures but we did get some at the zoo. For more pictures from Canada, check Gina’s parents’ blog here.
Hi Steffi and Dietmar!

Gina’s favorite animal at the zoo

This one’s for you Erika!



A very rare Canadian bird

Some other kind of Canadian bird


Petting stingrays. They are so soft!

Bowmanville Zoo

Katrina and Steve live just a 5-minute walk away from quite an unusual and entertaining zoo. Many of the animals who live there are trained hollywood stars.
We noticed later that the zoo map advised visitors to enter at their own risk. It is a privately owned zoo that seemed kind of like a farm. You could ride an elephant or camel and hold a baby tiger. This little goat squeezed himself right out of his exhibit and came to say hi.
This cow, named “Side Step Sally,” was born with a fifth leg.
You could pay extra to ride through a lion and tiger exhibit. We watched from an elevated path as the lion pawed at the window of the tour vehicle – exciting!

Trip to the zoo

Pictures from our trip to the zoo in Asheboro. For those of you who are counting, yes, this was our fourth visit so far this year. Good thing we have a membership!

Rudys at the zoo

On Saturday we went to the zoo with Monica, John, Clara, and Nicholas. You have to walk a lot there, and the kids did great. We made it all the way through Africa!
These elephants were splashing around and swimming in the water. The big one went completely under.

Mandarin duck

Trip to the zoo