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On the agenda today

We only took two breaks today, for lunch – thank you Skogens –  and for a gig.  We have devoted the rest of our day to this!


wii sports resort


Thomas’ favorites are archery, frisbee, and basketball.  Gina likes the wakeboarding and flying around in the plane.  Thanks Winnie for the birthday gift!



Ah, the Wii fit! Gina got this cheerful message when she stepped on the old balance board today. A little stalkerish right?It turns out that the Wii fit remembered her original fitness goal from last year, and that she never met it. Then it told her that her Wii age was 40!! Ugh. But she’s gonna stick to it.

This one’s for you, Daniel and Elizabeth…

Great Workout

By some miracle of technology, Wii machines can connect to each other across the country for competitions. Last night we had a great time racing Mario Karts against Daniel and Elizabeth. Just for the record, Thomas won.

Look who showed up this morning, dancing around in Thomas’ Wii Fit step aerobics class!
Gina made an appearance too, over on the far left.

Wii bought one

After several weeks with Daniel’s wii, wii were starting to really panic about what wii would do when it was gone. Wii tried to convince Daniel to leave it with us, but he said no. So wii pooled our resources, went to Target, and got this:

For those of you thinking that now it’s going to be really impossible to focus on our dissertations, well, you may have a point. But wii’re going to use it to get buff! Fitness is a noble pursuit. Look what comes out Wednesday.

More wii

Gina’s mama and her adorable Oma came for a quick visit this weekend. They loved the Wii and both were able to play really well right away. Oma is great at Wii! We think she should get a Wii of her own. We had so much fun and we’re sad that Daniel left and took the wii away.

Gina bowling a strike. Boom!

93-year old Oma made par on her first hole of golf.

And she was good at bowling too.

Daniel’s new Wii

Daniel’s early birthday present was a Wii. He and Thomas got in to it right away and they are pretty good at it already. Tennis