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It’s concert review time!

The violinist played a solo after the bursting of the whole orchestra.

The concert was truly in order, from the beginning to the end.

My thought about this pieces was it good but not would use to listened to but now going to a concert an seen what this music it all about it could get it into more if I had a clear mind to do but I just think that I would one day.


Close but not quite!

This student’s paper made us laugh….

Professor P

Thomas was selected as this week’s Professor of the Week at High Point University! He’s worked very hard with his students there, and it’s exciting to see him recognized in this way. Yay Thomas!

Concert reviews

Both of us require our Music Appreciation students to attend a classical music concert during the semester and write up a report describing their experience.  For many students it’s the first time they’ve been to a symphony concert, so it’s fun to get their reactions and hear about the little things they notice.  Here are some of Gina’s favorite comments so far, all from students who went to a recent Greensboro Symphony concert:

There were a ton of old people there!


There were not as many snoots there as I thought, basically everyone was really nice.  At least that was until we were seated, there were two ladies behind us that were just talking constantly and eating potato chips and cheese crackers.  I could smell the aroma of cheese.


The music became so real to me… I nearly cried when Mr. Dmitry played.


I was excited at the thought of the concert, and very nervous.  I didn’t want to clap at the wrong time and embarrass my teacher. But I was proud of myself because I didn’t!

Sweet huh?  We have awesome students.

The other Professor P

Today is Gina’s first day back!
She’s teaching 2 music appreciation classes here. Her bag actually has wheels, but she carries it because everyone will laugh at her if she rolls it.

Professor P

Here’s our handsome professor on his first day of school.
Thomas is teaching 5 college classes this semester: music fundamentals, class piano, and three sections of music appreciation. Isn’t his bag awesome?

Our new website

Our new teaching website is almost up and running. We’re using new software to manage our music studio and we’re redesigning everything. Here it is:

If you have a minute, we would sure appreciate it if you let us know what you think – or if you see any mistakes!