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1/3 Complete

Tonight we finished our seventh concert, which means we’re a third of the way through our 21 concerts this summer. Today we had an afternoon concert outdoors, and the evening’s concert was in Notre Dame du Portage. Such a pretty town!

The perfect chair.
I realized I couldn’t get outside to take a picture of the sunset during intermission without going through the audience, so I took this from the church window.
Tomorrow will be a very welcome day off. Maybe I’ll start my dissertation….


Look how Pretty

Ok, so maybe beautiful sunsets are just part of life up here. But I am impressed. This very instant, this is what it looks like out my bedroom window.


Today the sky cleared and I was able to get a better view. Here’s the sun as it was setting tonight.
Pretty, huh? It’s nice to be up on the 4th floor – the kitchen has the river view and the living room looks out on some hills.

We got a lot done in rehearsal today. My parts are pretty easy, but the violinists are really working… they’re playing a lot of Sarasate and other flashy showpieces. Everyone is easy to work with and so considerate. For the time being we’re rehearsing in English. The accent here sounds like Chinese and I can’t understand a word! I’ll get there though.