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Gina finally finished her super secret project!


It’s for her sister (surprise!) and Gina made it using a tutorial she found here.  Seester, don’t click on that!

Wow, it’s hard to believe this is supposed to be something you can make in an afternoon.  Gina must be really dumb because this took her two weeks. There was so much to figure out, but it was such fun!


Super secret project

Gina got something in the mail today! Of course Winnie tried to bite it.


It’s fabric, all pre-cut in perfect little squares.  All ready to be transformed into a little project for someone special.  One of you!


Gina’s bad at cutting fabric up herself.  She is frightened of the rotary cutter and it’s hard to get the cuts straight. And this one has to be good!  If it turns out ugly, Gina’s gonna have to find a different Christmas present for this special person.

Little Green Apron

Yesterday Gina made an apron. She had to purchase an iron and ironing board for this, because ironing is not something she does very often (ok, never.)It was supposed to take an hour to assemble this apron, but it took Gina four. Sewing is hard! And that was without stopping to fix mistakes….But it was a fun project. Here it is, finished!

Little Green Heart

Gina cut up an old polo shirt and made a dog toy with her sewing machine.
She might not be so good at sewing yet…But the dogs thought it tasted nice anyway.

What dissertation?

Gina’s awesome sister gave her a sewing machine for her birthday! Thanks seester!
And her ma gave her this handy box filled with all sorts of fancy seamstress tools.
Gina hasn’t sewed anything since she made a pair of Jams in the 5th grade, so she has a lot of learning to do. This sad little green thing is Gina’s first creation: a pillow she stuffed with Kleenex, and can’t figure out how to close up yet.Soon she’ll be making quilts with the best of them. In the meantime she’s working on bread; these are French Bread rolls from her new bread cookbook. Thanks Bella!
We ate most of them already.