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Thomas’ big idea

Thomas’ wind quintet is giving a big concert tomorrow. He is in charge of the slideshow so he went to borrow some video projection equipment from school. He needed to figure out how it works so he set it up in the house. Gina thought he was crazy.
The first screen he tried to use was bigger than our house. There’s a fabric screen that you’re supposed to snap on to a metal frame, but he couldn’t get the frame folded out all the way. No go.

So Thomas got out a different projector screen and set that one up.

Ta da! It fits nicely in the dining room don’t you think? We realized we could hook the projector up to our DVD player and some speakers and sit on the couch and watch movies on the huge screen. Suddenly Gina didn’t think it was so crazy. It was awesome.

PS: Thomas is curious to know if anyone can guess the place the screens are manufactured.



Thomas and his woodwind quintet played a concert last night at the Tate Street Coffee Shop. The place was packed and the music was smokin’.