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For Shadow, from Bella


White Friday

We’re in the frozen north (Columbus OH) celebrating Thanksgiving with Thomas’ family. Look what we woke up to this morning!


Our Robin

Pu, check out this fella.


Look what’s out the window this morning!
We haven’t seen snow this deep in years and years. Even Thomas (who grew up in Germany) is impressed. We thought about going for a walk or making a snowman, but neither of us owns any boots.

Everything in the city is closed or cancelled, but we both had the day off anyways.

But if we do go out, we’re using your car, Daniel.

Our tent on our back porch collapsed and died. It never occurred to us to take it down.


Does anyone have a show shovel we can borrow?

Things around the house

Most of our seeds have sprouted and they are so cute. Our little broccoli plants wish they were outside in the sun.
These tulips have been cheerfully adorning our table.

Our newest healthy idea: berry breakfast bars. We got this recipe from You’ve Got Supper this week and they’re delicious!

Why are there so many songs about rainbows?

Today it has been very windy and dark and dramatic outside. For most of the day we have been locked up in our rooms practicing, lesson planning, and thinking about our dissertations. Look what appeared in the sky!