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Halloween Recital

Our third annual Halloween recital was a success.

Since we technically do have the credentials, and we had the perfect accessories (thanks D+E!), we decided to dress up as DOCTORS.

Our decorations and food:


Halloween Recital

Today we held a spooky halloween-themed recital for our music students.  It was a great success! We went a little crazy with the decorations. That extra hour this morning really came in handy.


The main attraction was the dining room ceiling covered in spiderwebs and giant spider. Thomas worked pretty hard on this and it looked awesome.


After everyone performed, we had a little reception.  We told ourselves we’d try to take pictures of all the students this time, but we were both running around too much.  This photo is from after the recital… some poor kids were too revolted by our food to eat a thing.  Ha!


On the menu: cheese fingers…


Red velvet cupcakes with flies and spiders on them…


Hot dog mummies…


And monster mouths. These were supposed to have tons of teeth – almonds – but students started arriving, so they each just got 2.  They don’t really look like mouths.


Too bad we didn’t get a picture of the frozen hand in the punch. That was pretty sick too.

It was a fun day and we really enjoyed seeing our little students perform.  Maybe this Halloween recital will become a new tradition.


Today’s masterpiece

We wanted something more permanent than the masking-tape floor staff, which we had to rip up because it kept peeling away from the floor and getting dog hair stuck to it.

We found this bamboo rug for $20 and today Thomas is painstakingly marking in all the lines with a black Stabilo. It has to be perfect!
This might take a while…. we might have to make a trip to Target for some more markers. But we’re passing the time listening to Michael Jackson so it’s all good.

Our best student

Hi everybody, what note am I on?

Thomas made this big staff on the floor with masking tape and our students have been using it to learn their notes. They love hopping from note to note.

Our new website

Our new teaching website is almost up and running. We’re using new software to manage our music studio and we’re redesigning everything. Here it is:

If you have a minute, we would sure appreciate it if you let us know what you think – or if you see any mistakes!