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What does it mean?

3 eggs, 5 yolks


Isn’t this so wierd?

The dryer turned a load of clothes and sheets into a burrito.

The Big 1-00000

Thomas’ car has been getting close to a major milestone. All week long we found ourselves running unnecessary errands, hoping to land at 100K right in front of the house. Gina achieved this very same impressive feat of timing 2 years ago when she was driving back from Hilton Head and the car clicked over just as she pulled up to the house! Well, mission accomplished for Thomas. And congratulations to Prince the purple Neon. Thanks Varco for a great car.

Sweet and Sour

Just three days ago we were flipping through garden catalogs and Gina announced to Thomas that she desperately wanted to own a mini fruit tree. She wanted one so urgently that she thought about going to the nursery to purchase one right away, but she has a bad cold and felt too sick to go running around town. So she folded the page corner over and resolved to order one in the spring.
And lo and behold look at what arrived in the mail yesterday! A baby lemon tree from the Rudys! All packaged up in a fancy box with a heat pack so it wouldn’t feel cold. How did they know? We are so delighted. We will be squeezing fresh lemonade from our new tree in no time.