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Spring Break!

Since we’re both on a teaching break this week we are excited to be able to tackle a few little projects around the house. Today we worked on our front walk.

As soon as we started pulling weeds Thomas uncovered a snake. He was super brave about it, and he picked it up with his hands and moved it far away. It was not one of those little worm-snakes that we have found in the yard before. It had triangles on its back. It looked deadly for sure.

The front walk (left side) before:

And here we are an hour later. We still need mulch – and looking at these pictures, we realize maybe we should get a new mailbox.

Here’s the other side before:

And after, ta-da!

Happy almost Spring!


Oh no.

Thomas broke his beautiful phone yesterday while he was teaching class.  He had it in his front pocket and he bumped into a desk with his leg, and the screen busted.  He can’t play Bubbles any more which pretty much defeats the purpose of even having a phone.

Just so everyone knows, his high score is 1240.  You might have a few days to beat his record before he gets a new phone.

Mystery Solved

Ever since Thomas installed a new mantel over the fireplace this summer, we have noticed thousands of little greenish-gray dots all over the top of it.  We didn’t know where they came from. Did we use bad paint on it or something? Do we have mold?


The dots wiped off with cleaning solution so we didn’t think too much of it. But they did keep reappearing.

This afternoon Thomas was checking in on his coleus plants, which live in glass jars on the mantel and aren’t doing too well.  He noticed this little green creature on of one of the plants:


And he figured it all out.  Basically this worm has been munching all the plants and pooping all over the fireplace for months.  What an industrious little guy.

A Great Quiz

What does this spider look like to you?


A Greensboro Grasshopper

Gina’s worst nightmare

Mmm, fresh green lettuce, just picked from the garden! How delicious.
But wait, what’s this floating up from the water? A disemboweled pincher butt bug with its guts trailing behind it, and a slug!

No more salads for Gina, ever.

More Wild Beasts

We have a bit of a wilderness situation. This baby tarantula was hopping around the back porch.
There are at least two baby boa constrictors underneath the porch.
Every time we try to go outside we are assaulted by these animals. We also have giant killer bees and hornets that have been coming in to the kitchen.