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Yaaaaay New Door!

Here’s our sad little wooden back door BEFORE. It didn’t latch and was very cracked and crooked. It was the ugliest door in Greensboro…and maybe also the least safe.

We bought a new one several months ago, but we chickened out on installing it ourselves. So the new door just sat in our dining room propped up against a wall for 5 months (haha, typical!).

Anyways, fast forward, the installer came this morning and here’s the back door AFTER!

It still needs to be painted. Both front and back door were stained a mahogany color when I bought the house 8 years ago, which faded quickly to that ugly purple. Now it’s white and clean and beautiful!


A little (huge?) project

Our back door was looking a little ragged as you can see.

Winnie didn’t feel safe at all.

So thanks to the generous support of some benefactors we bought a new door! It fit in the car perfectly.

It came pre-hung in a frame, but our plan was to discard the frame and just hang the new door on the old hinges. Well, that didn’t work at all… and it was starting to hail/snow outside, so we gave up for now.

To be continued… we don’t want to pay ($250!) for installation, so we’re going to install it ourselves sometime this week. Has anyone ever done this before? Wish us luck!

All done!

We are finished with our winter mini-makeover. Here are some pictures of our new dining room wall color:

We love it. It is much calmer than that crazy bright red.

Moving on to the kitchen, here are the backsplash-less counters!  It feels much more open and clean without them there. We still need to caulk the seam where the granite meets the wall.

Someday soon we will put a pretty tile backsplash up and paint the cabinets WHITE.

We painted these walls a greenish white. You can barely see the color. We didn’t want it to turn out pastel/baby room green, so we went super light. It is “Olivetint” by Benjamin Moore.

It basically just looks white. And clean!

Scarlet and Gray

We have been living with this blood-red dining room for about 5 years. Neither of us even really likes red, so who knows why we chose it. Sometimes we are a little “off” with our color selection (see: the purple). Ha!  Anyways, yesterday we finally changed it.

Here is one last look at the red. Shield your eyes!

The new color is a dark brownish-gray and we love it. We got fancy/expensive paint (“Sparrow” by Benjamin Moore) that covered the red up with no problems.

The new color looks really pretty and we can’t wait to show it to you. We didn’t take any pictures because as soon as we finished in the dining room we moved on to the kitchen for some DEMOLITION.

In case you are wondering, there was nothing wrong with this backsplash, but we prefer the way it looks without it there… and someday we’d like to put tile up, which means it would need to go anyway.

Thomas cut the seal and pried the granite piece off with a crowbar.

That process left the drywall a little torn. And oops! we tore one whole chunk out.

But we can fix that right up.

Then we did this:

And Thomas scared me a lot by doing this:

We’ll hopefully have another update for you tomorrow. Things are looking good!

A boring but happy story

Gina bought her house in 2004, which means that the lazy susan in her corner kitchen cabinets hasn’t worked for over 5 years.  The center axle piece was too short, and didn’t connect at the top so the shelves just tilted and clattered around.  It made Gina mad to even open that cabinet door.



Gina finally looked under there today and noticed this screw, which was the key to fixing the whole thing.  So now it’s fixed and Gina can spin her shelves around all day if she wants to.

Handy Winnie

Helping fix the disposal.

We’re hard at work on our dissertations!

And also installing shelves, working on art Sudoku,
and completing a puzzle of Greece.