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Thomas saves the day

Only day 6, and we couldn’t figure out what to put on the blog today. Thomas volunteered to just go take some pictures around the house.   Does anyone notice a theme?







Moniqua, you’re our hero

We ran to Aldi this afternoon to stock up on some German Christmas specialties. Thanks for the tip, Moniqua


And people, look at what a sneaky little criminal Winnie is. He thought he’d try to snitch a marzipan bar.  But this time he got CAUGHT ON FILM. 

winnie arrow


The Candy Man

Funny that this should air on day 2 of our no-candy campaign. Click here to see Thomas’ idol.

Candy-free June

So, we decided to give up all candy for the entire month of June. Why, you ask? Well, Gina just announced it. She says there is no nutrition in candy. Lemonheads are no friends of ours, at least not till July.We decided this a few days ago and we have been enjoying our last little bits of happiness. Thomas is determined to finish a big box of Nerds and giant bag of Strawberry-Peanut Butter M&Ms before tomorrow.

It’s harder for Thomas to give up candy than it is for Gina. He really loves candy. So in solidarity Gina has agreed to give up something she really loves: lazing around in the morning while Thomas goes for a run. So she has to work out on the Wii fit every week day in June.

By the way if any of you are feeling healthy, Aldi has awesome deals right now on fruit.

Move over Lemonheads and Friends

We have a new favorite candy: Giant Chewy Nerds. On the outside it’s nerds, then a layer of sour, and in the middle it’s like a gumdrop. It’s so good we almost died!

50 packages of candy

Thomas is home from Germany! His quintet tour was a huge success and he’ll post more about it later. For now, here’s a little taste of what he brought home.

We’re not worried about getting fat from eating it all because Thomas says German candy is good for you and it doesn’t make your butt get big.

Toblerone Cake

Thomas found a good deal and bought 24 bars of Toblerone. To use some of it up, we baked this Toblerone cake, which was delicious. The warm gooshy chunks of chocolate inside the cake were the best part.