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You know what today is….

Gina fixed this for dinner.But Thomas had something else in mind!!! June is OVER!

Thomas’ First of July feast. It was a long time coming.

There was a nice combination of flavors and textures. The more colors on the plate, the healthier!

Thomas really did it! He went the whole month of June without eating a single piece of candy. He also estimates he ran between 80-90 miles this month.

Gina on the other hand only worked out on the Wii fit 3 times and she also ate a whole roll of Butter Rum lifesavers. She kept those in her purse because they are more like eating a mint, not candy really.

Since we are admitting everything, we both ate cupcakes at Heidi’s shower, a Klondike bar and some pie at Gina’s parents’ house, and we shared an entire chocolate cake too. And 24 snickerdoodles, 11 of which Thomas ate straight out of the oven. None of that was candy and it was all baked with love. Except for the Klondike bar but that was low sugar.


Harrassed by extraterrestrials

Have we become the target?
A few nights ago, something busted through the ceiling and made a loud boom!
Thomas knew how to fix it
Good as new
Looks like the meteorite was shaped like a mandal

More wii

Gina’s mama and her adorable Oma came for a quick visit this weekend. They loved the Wii and both were able to play really well right away. Oma is great at Wii! We think she should get a Wii of her own. We had so much fun and we’re sad that Daniel left and took the wii away.

Gina bowling a strike. Boom!

93-year old Oma made par on her first hole of golf.

And she was good at bowling too.