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This one’s for you Masa!


Happy birthday Thomas!

Thomas is 32 today!

The birthday celebration began yesterday with a little shopping excursion to the Banana where Daniel worked his stylist magic.

Then we had a pre-birthday dinner of wiener schnitzel, brussels sprouts, carrots, and mashed potatoes.

Tiramisu for dessert

Click HERE for the most adorable pictures of Thomas, ever!

What do you think this is?

It’s Thomas’ 30th birthday!


We had lunch at Panera…


And then headed to Winston-Salem for a rehearsal for a concert we’re both playing in tomorrow. We got a little lost on the way there and ended up in the Civil War.


Home in time for dinner and a few presents.


This is “bake your own cake on your birthday” year.  Thomas made himself some Funfetti cupcakes. Gina’s planning on baking him an extra fancy cake next week.


Thomas had a good birthday.  He says he doesn’t feel any older than yesterday and he doesn’t mind being 30 at all.  Happy Birthday Thomas!


Birthday Cake

Gina’s Famous Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (first time!)
Recipe: follow the directions on the box. But be smart and buy two cans of pineapple, not one. As you can see here for yourself, Gina had to learn this the hard way.


Ouch, that’s a big number. But look what you get for breakfast on your birthday around here!
This afternoon Thomas took Gina to our favorite restaurant for lunch. She got spanikopita and he got a gyro. The most beautiful bouquet Gina ever saw… you know what makes it so pretty? There are CABBAGES in it! Seriously, someone is a genius (and it’s Thomas).
Gina came home from teaching to find this surprisingly large stack of presents on the table. Winnie is included here for size comparison.
It’s been a terrific day.

Birthday Girl

This pretty lady is Gina’s Oma. She is Gina’s mama’s mama and she was born in 1915. Isn’t she lovely? She tells the best stories (what a memory!) and always has a hug for you. She bakes amazing cookies and she can beat almost anyone at Wii golf.Happy Birthday Oma, we love you!

What do you think this is?

It’s Thomas’ birthday! We celebrated with our good friends Meaghan and Scott.Thomas requested spanish rice.And this is his birthday pie.

We played Thomas’s new seafarer expansion of the Settlers. Thanks Germany Pappases! It’s so much fun to play. Gina won.