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Birthday Cake

Gina’s Famous Pineapple Upside-Down Cake (first time!)
Recipe: follow the directions on the box. But be smart and buy two cans of pineapple, not one. As you can see here for yourself, Gina had to learn this the hard way.


Gina’s worst nightmare

Mmm, fresh green lettuce, just picked from the garden! How delicious.
But wait, what’s this floating up from the water? A disemboweled pincher butt bug with its guts trailing behind it, and a slug!

No more salads for Gina, ever.

Bad cookie

The cookies we made tonight did not turn out right at all.

Would you eat this?

Gina made a disgusting breakfast this morning: Cornmeal Mush. Thomas ate it though, because he is nice.

Gingerbread House

We were tired of working on our dissertations, so we baked a gingerbread house. From scratch too, the walls and everything. Some walls turned out a little bendy. It stayed together long enough for us to take this one picture:
Then boom. The roof fell in.

We were sorry to see our little house collapse but it still tastes good.


Gina tried to make homemade bread this afternoon.
It’s hard to tell what happened because Gina never cooked bread before, but the bread is horrible. It is kind of like concrete. Thomas, who is always kind, said that it is delicious but that he probably will just eat 2 slices.