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I bought these to try this week:

They are “healthy” cookies.  Poor Thomas asked me to bring him candy from the grocery store, and I came back with these.

Well, a quick look at the label confirmed that they are actually not healthy at all (they are basically just junk food with extra vitamins added) but they are pretty tasty anyways. Whonu?


Grammy’s flowers

These cute flowers from Grammy are blooming in our yard today.



Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Close but not quite!

This student’s paper made us laugh….


This week we tried kid-size greek yogurt. Maybe it’s just me (Gina) but regular greek yogurts are way too big for me, and I can’t ever finish a whole one. This honey-banana yogurt is awesome and I love it. The banana taste is very fresh and yummy.




We got a little carried away with the seed purchasing this year.

We even bought a greenhouse for them to live in. Our baby seeds are happy. It won’t be long before those shelves are all filled up.

Here are some new things we are trying this year that we are very excited about:

Purple tomato.

Lime-flavored basil.

Brussels sprouts. It might be too hot here, but maybe if we plant them early they will grow?

Freesia. Obviously not a vegetable but we may as well try… they were really cheap!


Things we usually grow, but are skipping this year:

Peppers (too slow)

Yellow squash (yuck)

Lettuce (slugs crawl on it)

We planted our tomato seeds 2 weeks ago and they are already growing. This one is a grape tomato! They are out on the back porch today getting a little sun. We can’t wait to make salsa and BLTs out of them.

We definitely won’t have room for all these plants in our garden, so we will be giving away lots of them to friends and neighbors.