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Winnie and his tiger


What is your favorite animal?



This week we tried some new oranges: Cara Cara Oranges! They came in a big bag at Food Lion.

They are darker inside than regular oranges and taste more orangey. They are terrific!

A little (huge?) project

Our back door was looking a little ragged as you can see.

Winnie didn’t feel safe at all.

So thanks to the generous support of some benefactors we bought a new door! It fit in the car perfectly.

It came pre-hung in a frame, but our plan was to discard the frame and just hang the new door on the old hinges. Well, that didn’t work at all… and it was starting to hail/snow outside, so we gave up for now.

To be continued… we don’t want to pay ($250!) for installation, so we’re going to install it ourselves sometime this week. Has anyone ever done this before? Wish us luck!