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Our NEW ugly desk

We bought this secretary desk on Craigslist yesterday.  We like the shape of it and it fits perfectly in to our space next to the stairs.

It folds town to turn into a desk! We are hoping to use it as a computer lab for our studio. We think it looks kind of okay from a distance…

But up close it is horrible. We have plans for that though.

It’s going to look great (we hope) when we’re done with it!


Greensboro is the best!

We are not just saying that. It’s true.

The other day we went to explore a new city park down the road from us. It is brand new, but we were impressed at how beautiful it already is. They have plans to expand the park even more in the future.

Here are some of the highlights from our walk around. Can you guess which dog came with us?

This is the entrance to the children’s garden.

There are fruit seats,

Some big carrots,

And a whole series of giant frogs.

There’s also a big fountain,

And lots of pretty new plants.

We were so excited to discover this nice place just a mile or so from home, and can’t wait to see it develop. You know how we love parks!

It’s Winniesday!

Proof that our little guy does like to relax every once in a while…

Some more favorites

Here are a few little things that have been making me happy this summer:

1. Iced coffee

And I don’t even like coffee… well I guess I do now! We have been drinking a nice refreshing vanilla iced coffee every afternoon.  Plus, even better, we found these coffee pods at TJ Maxx for really cheap.

2. Another perfume stick

I love having these perfume sticks in my purse. They are not very strong and they don’t leave you in a big cloud of perfume. A few weeks ago when I was in Charlottesville I found a store where they sell them and I smelled all the flavors. This one is my new favorite! It smells like the beach. $15 for something I don’t NEED is a little splurge, but I love it. When I have to go somewhere sad (like to work), I sniff it and it cheers me right up.

3. An alternative to tortillas

Sorry for the huge picture that looks like an ad. We have been eating a lot of veggie wraps this summer (cucumber, cream cheese, roasted pepper, spinach, etc.) and on a whim I bought these flatbread wraps. Well folks they are amazing. They are thinner and more stretchy than flour tortillas.  If you ever are bothered by the big dry folds of crumbly tortilla at the end of your wrap sandwich (and I’m sure most of you are NOT) then this is the wrap for you. So yummy.

4. Cheap soap

This is my all-time favorite shower gel. It is Tone Sugar Glow. It smells like Skittles and the scrub is made of sugar. It is basically like taking a bath in candy. It is perfect for candy-free June. My dream is to go couponing at CVS like Monica and get a lifetime supply for free.

5. Homemade frozen burritos

My friend Suzanne posted this recipe on her cooking blog and I thought it was the smartest thing in the world. I made 10 of them this morning and could not be more pleased to have all that delicious snack food stored away in the freezer now. I ate a lot of frozen burritos growing up. These seem healthier and they were very easy and fast to make. Surprisingly I did not use my beloved flatbread wraps, but next time I will.

6. The Bachelorette

Erika, you are still winning in my book.  Look forward to seeing you all tonight!

Newsday: The Pepino melon

We bought a pepino melon to try this week! It was a cute little fruit that looked like a yellow plum, with purple stripes on one end.

Since it seemed to be a type of melon, we cut it in half like a cantaloupe. It smelled fresh.

Digging in…

And the verdict?

Unfortunately the pepino melon is horrible. It’s hard to describe the flavor, but it was kind of like a mealy, rotten cucumber. It was the worst thing we have ever tried on Newsday.

Brave Thomas ate all of his half! But Gina took one tiny bite and couldn’t eat any more. She spit it out in the trash. Yuck!

So now you know folks! Don’t bother buying the pepino melon.

Who wants a sandwich?

We are back in the habit of making fresh bread every week. Now that it’s summer, we have plenty of time to sit around and cook bread all day. Actually this recipe (which we shared before) is really quick and easy – you just have to remember to start the dough the night before.  

Yum! And it’s not candy!