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It happened again.

Tent #1 died in a snow storm a couple of years ago.

Tent #2 died in the wind.

Tent #3 died in the snow this past Christmas.

And we are sorry to say it, but here is tent #4, which we just bought a few weeks ago. Our neighbors must think that we are insane. We are definitely slow learners.


Royal Wedding time!

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here! Thomas has a concert this morning so he’s not able to watch the Royal Wedding (much to his extreme dismay) but Gina is parked on the couch with her tea.

We’re DONE!

We finished our dissertations! Here are Thomas’ final moments with his paper yesterday afternoon.

Last click!

Together we have worked for thirteen years on these degrees (7 years for Gina, 6 years for Thomas)…. It’s about time and we feel great!

Fun with the Rudys

We love it when the Rudys come to visit! We always look forward to their annual trip to Greensboro.

We unfortunately didn’t get pictures of all the things we did (there was a lot of playing with Star Wars Legos) but here are some highlights.

John won by a lot! His putt putt skills are most impressive.

Nicholas has a pretty good technique as well…. put the ball next to the hole and you can’t miss!

Next up: our trip to feed the ducks, and a special Mexican fiesta.

Thomas went on an adventure!

Yesterday Thomas went on a day trip to Alexandria VA to witness the grand premiere of another Daniel masterpiece, a commission for Orff Ensemble and Early Music Ensemble. It was awesome, and we hope the piece gets many more performances!

The concert was held at the George Washington Masonic Memorial. The G probably stands for “Gina.”

The piece sounded great, and the kids had all learned their parts really well.

Here’s the composer and his lovely wife.

It was also great to see the Rudys, whose visit we are looking forward to in a few days. Great job looking at the camera, everyone!

Closeup Flowersday

Our trip to the zoo wouldn’t be complete without some closeup flower shots. 


We went to the zoo with Meaghan and Scott yesterday. Here are some of the highlights!