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Something new on Thursday

We bought this mystery fruit at the Harris Teeter. The cashier didn’t know what it was so he said “let’s just call it a purple lemon,” and charged us 59 cents.


It tastes like a cucumber with the texture of a watermelon, and thousands of little grape seeds in it. It wasn’t sweet. Maybe it is actually a vegetable. We give it four thumbs down! It smelled nice though, like a pomegranate.


Anyone know what it is?



I (Gina) read somewhere last week that you can make butter by putting heavy cream in the mixer. Say what? Did everyone know this but me? What an interesting experiment/procrastination tool.  Thomas had to talk me out of having a butter-making extravaganza the day before my recital and defense (thanks honey). I waited until today to give it a try.

Ingredients: heavy cream and my mixer.

In a few minutes I had whipped cream…

A few minutes later it started turning into chunks…

And then all of a sudden it was butter! And a large amount of white liquid too, that splashed all over the counter.

I read that you were supposed to squish the butter around with a spatula to get the extra water/milk out, but nothing seemed to be happening when I tried that so I figured it was all good. As an experiment I mixed some of the butter with cinnamon, sugar, and orange peel.

The end result. Who wants to come over and have some toast?

P.S. Do any of you have any idea what we should do with that glass of liquid? I’m not going to drink it (it is grainy and kind of nasty looking), but maybe you can use it for something. Is it buttermilk? Should I make pancakes out of it?

Another one!

Gina gave her lecture-recital last night and passed her defense, so that means….

Now we’re both doctors!

Both of us just have a few little revisions to finish, and graduation will be here before we know it.

Move over Handel, there’s a New Royal Composer in Town

In fact, Thomas is related to him. Daniel is getting to be super famous these days as the composer of all the royal wedding music. Check his posts out here and here and here.

A few years ago Daniel wrote some string quartet music for ABC not knowing when/if it would ever be used. And lo and behold they have chosen it as the background music for all of their royal wedding coverage! You can even hear Gina playing cello on some of the clips.

Nice job Daniel!

There is a doctor in the house!!

Thomas completed his dissertation defense this morning! As of 10:30 this morning he is officially a doctor!

It was a good, memorable experience for him and he’s grateful to have reached this point. Thanks everyone for your lovely messages and for thinking of him today.

We’re off to Natty Greene’s to celebrate!


Yesterday we went the the school bookstore to get some NEW outfits!

We both bought a fancy floppy velvet graduation hat (called a tam?) and a hood. Our hood colors are unfortunately pale pink on the outside (to signify that we studied music) and bright yellow and white striped on the inside (for UNCG). Let’s just say it’s not a color combination you’re gonna see at the Banana any time soon.  But what they represent – being ALMOST finished – is great. Just 2 months to go.

Gina didn’t feel so smart when the bookstore employee had to bring her about 5 different hats to try on, in successively smaller sizes, before one fit her. She has a tiny little pin head.

Thomas’s dissertation defense is tomorrow morning (Wednesday) at 9am.  He’s been working so hard, and he’s going to do great. Wish him luck!