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Waiting for the concert to start


Can you spot Gina?



Our tomatoes are up!



Hope everyone out there is having a relaxing day! Winnie’s taking a nap on his big sister.


These kumquats were a gift from our friend Shawn, who has a tree.

They are so tiny and cute.

It was really sour, like an orange-flavored lemon. Maybe a little too sour to just eat by itself.

After we ate the first one we looked on Wikipedia and found out that you’re supposed to eat the skin along with it. So we tried that too.  We decided that it tasted the same with the peel on, but it felt wierd to chew the peel. 

So there you go. Kumquats!

Time to start seeds!

Our last frost date is usually in early-mid April. For us that means we start seeds indoors around Valentine’s Day so they can get an 8-week head start. And today was the day! We have been enjoying some super warm weather so were able to do this project out on the back porch in the sunshine.

Last year this system worked really well for us so we got the same kits again. You start with these pellets…

After adding a ton of water they turn in to this. We got the big ones (36 to a tray). We figured out last year that the plants don’t outgrow these as much as the little ones.

We started 36 tomatoes. Half Brandywine and half VF 100 something, the same kinds as last year.

Here are our all our future salsas and BLTs!


 It is 73 degrees outside today and we have chives growing!

Aconite is blooming!

Grammy’s plant is starting to come up too!


Today I (Gina) want to share with you my NEW tea thing.

Mine is orange, though. It is perfect in every way and I love it.


1. It is so cute

2. The tea leaves can’t escape and float around in your mug (barf)

3. The lid keeps it hot

4. Winnie thinks it is a carrot and follows me around when I have it. 

What more could you ever want in a tea ball?  Here it is if you want one, too.