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Dissertation candles

We both have been writing non-stop this week.  Last night we went to Target to get some printer ink and some dissertation candles… to help us work.

Thomas got a good deal on his because they were Christmas candles.  They smell like pine trees.

Gina’s smells like mint and basil – to remind her of spring and planting things in the garden (when it’s time for that she’ll be DONE.  hopefully.)

Back to work!


Important message 2!

Important Message 1


Gina tried something NEW:

Covergirl Natureluxe Gloss Balm.  I got the “Clove” color which is a shiny, sheer brownish pink.  Love it!  

It was $6 at Target.


We tried something NEW this week: sweet and sour filled Twizzlers.

They are very tart and we love them.  Gina likes red better and Thomas likes yellow.

Gina’s at the beach!

I have been in Charleston SC playing with the symphony and today between services I went to the BEACH! I followed the signs down to Folly Beach and it was absolutely beautiful.  I was the only person there… it was pretty cold.

I would love to live down here.  Charleston is so pretty and this awesome beach was only 15 minutes away.  To me palm trees = vacation!  and I would love to look out the window and see green all year round.  And the spanish moss hanging from the trees is so pretty. 

 It would be fine with me if we bought this house:

Or this would be great too, either way.

(pictures stolen from the web)

City of Charleston, thanks for a nice few days. I hope to come back soon (and bring Thomas…. and Winnie and Delphi and Bella too)


Celebrate Winniesday with some grapefruit!