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When we have something big we’re supposed to be doing (such as a dissertation for example) we both need it to be neat and tidy in our workspace before we can begin.  Our thought process went sort of like this:

1. We need a new place for Gina to work on her dissertation (kitchen island not ideal) …. let’s get a new desk.

2. How about instead of a new desk we get a new futon and rug? And rearrange all the furniture in two rooms.

3. Since the furniture is all moved around, let’s paint!

So off to the paint store we went.  This kind of tape by the way, is awesome.  We did a side by side comparison with the normal tape and determined that the frog tape works way better.  There is no bubbling or ripping on the edges at all.  If you are a procrastipainter too, keep it in mind.

We painted the former guest room first (the room above the fireplace in the living room).  We painted it purple.

It was supposed to look like a sophisticated greyish purple, but really it looked like a baby girl/princess room.  Neither of us even likes purple and we couldn’t remember why we thought it was a good idea.  So the next day we covered it up with a color we love: beige with a little bit of green.


To see more pictures of the end result (and to find out what we did in the other room), check back tomorrow!

Christmas recap

The dogs each got a gift from Santa to open on Christmas morning!

Bella got a rope bone.  She loves to tug it.

Delphi is on a higher spiritual plane and does not value earthly possessions.  It is hard to pick a good present for her because all she wants is peace and quiet.  Santa got her a squeaky penguin.

And Winston got a tennis ball.  His favorite!

In the afternoon it started to snow.  It was the prettiest snowfall that stuck to the sides and branches of all the trees.  When we got home from dinner we realized we forgot to take the tent down…. again.  By morning the tent was very dead.

But on the bright side, without the tent there we had a very beautiful unimpeded view of the trees in the backyard!

Winnie absolutely loves it when it snows.  He went outside and got ice balls all over his legs. 

As they fell off on to the floor he ate them up like candy.  Happy Winniesday!

White Christmas (a haiku)





The Nathaniel Greene statue


Our house in the snow


Goodbye to another tent

Mooey Cow-mas!


This one’s for you Masa.

Christmasy Winniesday

Winnie has been enjoying a little holiday music.  Hope you have been, too!

Our Christmas decorations

As usual we put the tree up on a table so Winnie wouldn’t chew the branches.  He is taking out his frustration on an old slipper.

Bleached pinecones on the tree.

Thomas’ little decorating touches are everywhere.  Here’s a pipe cleaner skunk.

We don’t have a tree topper (can’t agree… Thomas wants a star and Gina wants an angel) so Thomas put up an alien.

He also was in charge of the mantel.  Love it.

Looks like our smokey man has been doing a little world travel.

Our anorexic reindeer is gracing the bookshelf next to the stairs.

The dining room table.

Whose reflection is this?

Kirilenko is on the file cabinets.

And here is the legendary tree stand…. which somehow cracked the trunk of our tree.  It is very strong you know.