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For Steffi

We don’t know why this daisy is blooming right now.  It is the end of November and it is an annual.

 It must be very confused about the season.  It sure is pretty though!  It is right outside the dining room window.


Banana Day!

 I (Gina) was in Georgia a few weeks ago to play a concert.  Between services one afternoon I stopped in the Banana Republic to kill some time.  They were handing out these cards that were mostly for 30% off, but I made friends with the lady working there and she just randomly decided to give me a 50% one.  Thank you, nice Banana lady!  We have been looking forward to our shopping spree for weeks!!

I got this coat which I never could have afforded otherwise, not in a million years. It is so soft and warm!  This girl looks so pretty in it that we’ll just use her picture.

And Thomas went from this….  BEFORE……

To this…. AFTER….

That old shirt can be retired now, he has a new favorite.  And those old jeans that were full of holes can go in the trash!  Gina had already patched them up once.

With the sales that were already going on, plus our 50% on top of that, we saved a bundle.

Oh yes you read that right!  It was such a fun day.

Thomas turned 31

These were some of his presents.

And this was his cake!  It was a white chocolate raspberry cake with cream cheese frosting.  That is his new flannel from Banana there in the background.

Man, I wish I could go back in time and fix that hole on the bottom.  The icing was really squishy.  But it tasted sooo good. 

 Happy Birthday Thomas!!

Trying something new

Gina bought a rutabaga.  Also known as a “neep” to our Scottish friends (thanks Wikipedia!)

Winnie was really interested, so Gina gave him a little tiny taste.  He loves vegetables so much.  Well, it didn’t sit too well in his tummy and 15 minutes later he barfed up his whole dinner.  So sorry buddy!!  Happy Winniesday though!

We tried the recipe in the December Real Simple, and roasted the rutabaga with some carrots.

It tasted great!  We both liked it.

The Pinecones

So, after the pinecones soaked overnight we put them out on the back porch to dry on an old towel. 

They all sealed up tight while they were in the water! 

As they dried they got lighter and started to open back up.  This seems to be kind of a slow process – they are all still only half open.

We think they look cool!  They are all different shades of grey and light brown.  Right now we have some on the dining room table.

Now you know how to do it!  Everybody, go get some bleach and make some white pinecones.

An experiment

Now that the half marathon is over, Thomas is back to running at his old park (the nice one, where there are miles of shady trails and he can run with Delphi off the leash).  The other day Bella and I decided to come along too and walk a little.  We brought tons of these back:

I had seen online that you can bleach pinecones and decided to give it a try.  So we filled up the sink with water, poured in a gallon of bleach, and dunked them in. 

I felt like a crazy old witch stirring this stuff up in my kitchen.  And I got bleach all over my shirt.  But it sure made the kitchen smell nice and clean.  Neither one of us has ever bought/used bleach before.  We both had the vague idea that it was poisonous or dangerous.  Anyways, we got the lavender scent and it smells lovely.

After weighing the pinecones down with a big plate (btw, can we use that plate and wooden spoon again, or are they poisoned now?) it was time to wait.

They soaked overnight and now they’re drying.  Check back to see how they turned out tomorrow!


The maple tree in our front yard is super red!  It was planted 6 years ago when Gina bought the house and this is the prettiest it’s ever looked.