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Winnie and Bella slept in today.

Happy Winniesday!


Our famous bagels

Curiosity got the better of me (Gina) and I decided it was high time I tried making the bagels that Freya, Erika, and Elizabeth made. 

What a fun recipe!  Who would have guessed that bagel-making was so quick and easy.  Ours were done, start to finish, in about an hour.  I left out the step where you let the dough rest before shaping it.  It still works great so if you are impatient like me, skip it!

Boiling them and watching them puff up in the water was the best part.  You can’t take a close-up picture of it though!

I used sesame seeds on half of them and a pepper mixture on the others. 

I really loaded up the bagels with that pepper mixture, like on an everything bagel.  BIG mistake.  It will burn your mouth off!  A little would have been good though.

Winnie naturally assumed they were all for him (Happy Winniesday everybody!!)

Thanks for the tip, ladies!  This is an awesome recipe that will definitely be made again and again around here.


We had a beautiful, fun, relaxing weekend in Charlottesville visiting Gina’s family. 

All the things we did:

Sewed up 2 stuffed elephants for Gina’s nieces

Visited with cousin Carrie and met her little boy TJ

Purchased matching shirts and lipstick at Target with Gina’s ma and seester

Ate pizza and gelato from the Downtown Mall

Ate tacos

Ate biscuits

Got new shoes and went for a 2-hour run (this was Thomas…. not Gina.  Gina was eating biscuits at that time)

Rehearsed and performed some short pieces for Oma’s 95th birthday party

Played at the park with Isabella

And out of all that we only remembered to take pictures at the playground. Whoops! Gina’s mama, can you update your blog please with pics from the rest of the weekend?


Thomas and Winnie are having a little Lion King moment.

Happy Winniesday everybody!


We love a deal!  Yesterday at Lowe’s they had a bunch of plants on sale for 75% off, so we brought home a ton of them.

 Two of the little guys are already living on our mantel.

Winnie was super excited about the giant fern.

All for a grand total of $11!

Bread pudding

We eat lots of sandwiches around here especially since school has started back up.  We have been making 2 loaves of this bread every weekend. 

We finally found a use for all the bread ends we have laying around: bread pudding.  This recipe on the Pioneer Woman website is great.  It was not soggy or nasty at all.  Next time we make it we’re just adding 1/2 the sugar though, because it was too sweet.  Even for Thomas. 

It made a good dessert or after-school snack.

Watch out!

Looks like there is some competition out there in the recorder world.