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Winnie would like to dedicate his day to the memory of his cousin Stella (Katrina and Steve’s dog) who passed away a few days ago.  She was an awesome dog.

We’ll miss you Stella.


Winniesday snuggle


Winnie’s having a snuggle with his favorite blanket and his big sister today.

Driving at afternoon

To find out more about the driver click here.

Winnie’s aunties

Winnie is loving his week with his aunt Helen and aunt Erika visiting!

We miss you Winnie

Winnie’s back home in NC with a housesitter this week.  We miss our little buddy.

We’re in Canada!

We’re on vacation!  We’re in Bowmanville Ontario visiting Gina’s sister and her family for the week. 

Yesterday we went to the barn to see Katrina’s horse, Preston:

Along with some nice doggies,

A baby mule,

And a baby horse!

Then we went to pick up veggies from a farm co-op that Steve and Katrina are members of.

After that we went to Steve’s brother’s house on the lake for lunch and a swim.

Do we look alike?