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No candy for Winniesday

Just a few hours until candy-free June is over!


Candy-free June affected us differently. Gina was fine and enjoyed making healthy choices. Thomas was pretty much sick all month, with a cold, a sore throat and an achy knee. Winnie is just as hyper without candy, so no change there.
We did however have some slip-ups. Gina ate a cookie with some caramel sauce on it (thanks Meaghan and Scott), Thomas had a green icee, and we both had a cupcake from our students’ recital last weekend. Together, we also ate two boxes of sugar free ice cream bars. We decided they weren’t candy.

How did you do? Be honest!






Probably the biggest mess Gina has ever made.

That was about a gallon of crushed strawberries.  They were going to be jam, but Gina forgot about them in the back of the fridge.  They were rotten.

BLT anyone?


Grass and trees

It looks like our park is almost finished!

It’s so nice to look out the window and see green. We love it.

Good news in the park!

There hasn’t been a lot to tell you about our park lately because work stopped for a while.  The last thing they did was put up those yellow posts around the edge.

We thought they looked a little familiar.

They have them at McDonald’s! 

Anyways we knew it would look better when they started putting in plants.  And hooray, they came with a truck full of plants this morning!

Go Gerwinnie!