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The park gets fancier

This week the park people came around and put nice toppers on all the brick pillars.

With that we thought they were pretty much finished, and they didn’t come back for several days.  But then today we looked out and saw a new truck arrive with pieces of fencing.

They are also digging holes for something with a very dangerous looking tool.


Tomato Farm

We are having crazy tomato success this year.  We planted them in a different spot than usual and they are growing so fast!

They are already waist-high.  We planted Brandywines and a hybrid called VF-100 super something. 

We don’t know what is going on or why they are growing so well.  The strange thing is, the tomatoes that we planted two feet away in the lower bed are just sitting there looking sick and kind of yellow. 

Do you know why?

Everyone go buy this!

Lime and Salt flavor popcorn.  It is delicious!

You tell us

Does this look like a good way to move a heavy sofa from the 2nd floor into a moving truck?

Look at our park now!

Gina left for a couple of days to visit her family in Virginia and when she came back, the park looked like this!

The path

We won’t keep you in suspense any longer folks. 

First they poured concrete all over the path and smoothed it out.

That dried for a couple of days and we thought it looked pretty good! But then they started putting BRICKS down on top of that.

It’s looking so good out there!  And bonus: it will be well-defended against criminals!

Winniesday Roast!