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The first home-grown bouquet of the season!

Gina put everything in there that was growing outside: roses, hosta leaves, clippings from a ligustrum bush, and chive flowers. The chives smell horrible mixed with the roses!  Yay for spring though!


Park park park

This morning the workers built brick pillars all around the edge of the park.

Again with the park

Things are moving along out there.  Yesterday they dug holes along the perimeter of the park and filled them with cement.

They also delivered big piles of bricks, sand, and cinder blocks.

Window Winniesday

Winnie got up on the table today to look at the progress outside.  He likes what he sees!

Still talking about the park!

Nothing happened with our little park over the weekend.  It’s just dirt and sand right now.  The dogs don’t like to go to the bathroom on it.

We decided that if you squint – hard –  it looks like we’re at the beach!  Kind of.

Today a truck showed up with all sorts of supplies on it.  Wonder what they are going to build?


Early this morning we noticed that the scooper machine was joined by a dump truck!

After waiting for so many years, Gina was so sad that she had to go to work this morning and couldn’t watch.  Thomas kindly agreed to take pictures while she was gone.  They ripped out all the grass and knocked down that little tree that was next to the stop sign (happy Earth Day!) and have been loading it all up on the dump truck and taking it away.

By lunchtime they had cleared the whole park and now it’s nothing but dirt.  We can’t wait to see what the finished product will be.

Empty pocket?

Right out the dining room window of our house, there is a little oval grassy area called the Pocket Park.  The day Gina moved in to the house, 6 years ago, the park looked like this.  There was a big beautiful shady tree in the middle. (And her backyard was just a big muddy mess, but that’s a story for later!)

Well, that tree died and was cut down a year later, and then the rumors started that the city was going to renovate the park.  Over the years we heard about lots of different plans for the park.  We even voted on different potential designs online (Gina voted for the version with the most trees, to block the ugly tower homes!).  One day, a crew of workmen even showed up with blueprints for the park renovation.  Gina was so excited that day and “pretended” to walk the dogs so that she could eavesdrop on them.  But the crew left, and that was about a year ago.  Our view stayed the same.

Until this morning when Thomas pulled back the curtains to reveal THIS! 

Maybe it doesn’t mean anything, and maybe that scooper machine is just resting there.  But maybe it’s there to do WORK!