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Candy on Winniesday

Winnie hopes you all have something delicious to snack on today.  He’s thinking if he’s a good boy he might get some of our Kazoozles.

Kazoozles are delicious by the way… like a cherry twizzler with fluffy fruit punch flavor inside.


Spring backyard tour

Here’s a little tour of some of the things springing to life out in the yard today.

This is a birch tree / ugly view blocker whose leaves are almost there. 

A weeping cherry that has been on the verge of death since it was planted almost 6 years ago.  Thomas put fertilizer spikes on it last year and voila, it’s looking good now!

Hydrangeas, still looking mostly like sticks!

Fiveleaf akebia, a vine that grows up the side of the back porch.   The flowers smell so pretty.

And chives!  Who wants a baked potato?

Thanks for stopping by!

March Giveaway Winner

Happy Winniesday! 

So, what was that shriveled brown thing?  It was a LIME.  Nobody recognized it.  Y’all must have clean fridges!

Since it is his special day, we let Winnie choose the winner.   We wrote the names of all the entrants on post-it notes and placed a cookie on each one.  The one he picked first was the winner!


And the winner is:

Congratulations! You won a lime squeezer!

BLTs coming soon

Our baby tomatoes are getting bigger! Three more weeks till we can plant them in the ground.

PS: don’t forget to enter our March giveaway!  The prize is going to be awesome.

March Giveaway

Ooh, what’s this?

Post your guess in the comments and you are entered to win a surprise kitchen gadget.

One guess per person, please!  We’ll choose a winner at random on Winniesday afternoon, March 24.

Happy St. Winniesday

Top o the morning to you!

Spa day for Delphi

We decided that Delphi deserved a little pampering today.  After a clip and a nice warm bath, she’s good as new!