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Oooh free strings!

Gina got a fancy package from Germany in the mail this week! 

She had read on a cello forum somewhere that Pirastro was offering free samples of their new Passione cello strings.  She thinks she filled out a request form online, but can’t remember for sure.  She’ll try to find it for y’all. 

How generous!  Strings are expensive! In exchange all she has to do is mail back a questionnaire about the strings.  She hasn’t put them on her cello yet but they look pretty.  The winding is pink.

Thanks Pirastro!


Lovely Winniesday

Winnie hopes spring will come soon for all of you.

A night of hardship

Thomas dragged us to the bad place tonight.  He just announced that we were going.  He needed to research the Musikwinkel in the MGG (the KGB?) and Gina needed to choose a dissertation topic.  It was horrible but we got a lot done!  Go Team P!

The UNCG School of Music

Tennis, anyone?

It’s Winniesday! 

He hopes all of you have something fun planned today.  He’s going to chew on his tennis ball.

Valentine’s Day

When Gina vetoed a trip to the zoo (too cold! too much walking!) we decided to visit our other favorite place: Ikea.  We bought many romantic items such as a Winnie-proof trash can and a small coffee table. 

Then we came home and cooked an elaborate dinner. On the menu:

Grilled NY strip steak, Emmental and Gruyere fondue with homemade rye bread, spinach salad, pink champagne cake, chocolate strawberries, and apple cider.  We agreed it was the best dinner we’ve ever cooked.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!


We noticed this morning that despite the harsh winter, a plant is just beginning to come up in our garden.

It’s a plant that Monica brought us from Grammy’s garden in Ohio last spring.  It was very nice to see a reminder of Grammy today.

He loves chips.

Happy Winniesday to you all!