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It snowed again here!

We have been snowed in all weekend.  Wow, it has never been so snowy here before!  Here’s the view Saturday morning.  That tent would never have made it. We got maybe 10 inches.

Gina’s Saturday morning students were cancelled, giving us 2 glorious days off.  Did we spend the extra time catching up on work? Did we work on our dissertations?


We both have sore thumbs from playing Wii for hours and hours.  King Boo, where are you?  During breaks Thomas has been taking pictures of birds out the dining room window:


And Gina has been cooking some delicious meals, like her Famous Egg-inside-a-Toast breakfast.

We don’t want the snow to ever melt.  Everyone keep your fingers crossed that it stays cold!



What’s this out the kitchen window?  Looks like the rain and wind last night busted our canopy!  Again!

Oh well.  We will be purchasing tent #3 this spring.  Maybe next year we will take it down for the winter.

Breakfast and a surprise find!

We had the nicest breakfast at Mimi’s this morning (courtesy of Becky and Matt and a very generous gift card – thank you!!!!!) with Scott, Meaghan, and Meaghan’s mom.  The first week of the semester is finally over and we’re so relieved. 

How nice it was to relax and have a leisurely breakfast.    

On our way home we FINALLY spotted another Hyundai Touring.  It’s funny how you become super-aware of all the other cars on the road after you spend time shopping for one.  Well, we hadn’t seen Thomas’ same car anywhere since he bought it.  It was wierd.  We were starting to feel lonely.  When we spotted this black one Thomas pulled right up next to it in the parking lot and took a picture.

Go Spartans go!

We went to our first UNCG basketball game last week. They were playing against Wofford which is a school that we had never heard of.  Unfortunately UNCG lost the game but it was still exciting.

After half time, Gina started to get hungry! So she went and bought a hot dog with mustard and ketchup and relish.  Something terrible and embarrassing happened to that hot dog.  The story has a happy ending but you’ll have to hear it from Meaghan.


Thank you to all who participated! It was a close and exciting game.

The oldest coin was from 1916, the year of the invention of the light switch.  You people weren’t even close.  Although one of our participants turned 1 that year.  We did a little research and found out that this coin is worth TEN TIMES its face value.  Congratulations, ERIKA, on the best guess.  Buy something good with it!

Our foreign coin is a dime from Canada. Their coins look just like ours which is how it got mixed in.  Congratulations ROB for guessing it first (and Happy 30th Birthday)!!!  This will make quite a nice birthday gift.

And finally for our grand prize winner.  It was a close one, decided by a penny.  The winner is GINA’S POP!  He came the closest to the correct amount, though Joey wasn’t far off.  Impressive guesses.  John wins the piggy and $18.64, the total amount in our piggy bank.  He’s on a winning streak.

Thanks again for entering our first giveaway.  Your prizes are on their way!

This is getting good

We want our blog to be the best in the world.  We proclaim this to be the year of the giveaway!  

January 2010 Giveaway

This little piggy is full of coins.  Whoever comes closest to guessing the total amount of money inside wins the money!  And the pig!

The piggy and his money weigh 3 lbs 15.25 oz.

Rules: leave a comment with your guess.  Tell us:

1. the total amount of money you think is in the pig (Grand Prize)

2. The year of the oldest coin in the pig

3. Where is the only non-US coin in the pig from?

You can only guess once!  The contest ends at 6 pm EST Friday January 8.

Everyone is welcome to play.  Good luck!  You might win over 3 pounds of money!  This could be your lucky year!

Rice Pudding

Gina loves rice pudding so much, but she sure doesn’t like standing there in front of the stove stirring a pot for an hour.  This new recipe is so simple, and it makes a huge quantity. 

Slow-Cooker Rice Pudding

1 cup arborio rice

5 cups whole milk

2/3 cup sugar

1/4 teaspoon of cinnamon

a pinch of salt

Put all of the ingredients in the crock pot and cook on low for 4 hours, stirring once or twice.   It’s delicious!

Now we can all eat rice pudding for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert, forever. Yay!