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Oh what a wonderful surprise

Look what came in the mail!  A little baby reindeer.


It snowed and iced here!

Last night we got a big snowstorm!  It was really coming down last night,  then we got a  nice layer of ice that made everything all shiny and glittery in the morning.

We were both worried about all the little innocent hungry birds outside so Thomas came to their rescue. 

Who’s hungry?


We have a lot to celebrate.

We’re done with teaching all of our classes this semester!  Thomas has really enjoyed his first semester of college teaching and his last class was tonight.  We’re both almost done with grading too.  And we’re done teaching private lessons for the year as well!

We’re also finished with a loooooong weekend of gigs such as this one here.  All you other cellists of the world (Meaghan), try not to feel too jealous that Gina got to play 5 performances with the singing tree.

We celebrated with a very special dinner tonight. 

Key Signature Art

We call this one “The Caterpillar.”

Here we have “The Marching Band.”

And here, “The 4-H Club.”

And finally “A Beautiful Rainbow.”

That’s a unique tree stand.

It’s that time of year again folks.  Thomas has gone up to the attic and dragged down the massive cast-iron tree stand.

Yes!  Those angel, bell and leaf embellishments are hand-painted.  Do they enhance our tree stand’s rustic, sturdy beauty? Or do they make you want to barf?

It’s time!

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