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Wedding Sponsor PD

Thomas and Gina went wedding suit shopping for Daniel and Elizabeth’s wedding today and surprisingly enough we found the perfect suit at the Pineapple Dictatorship Outlet….actually that’s the only place we looked….Thomas got the suit for free as he was immediately signed as the new face of Pineapple (just kidding….he found it in his closet).

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Gina’s worst nightmare

Mmm, fresh green lettuce, just picked from the garden! How delicious.
But wait, what’s this floating up from the water? A disemboweled pincher butt bug with its guts trailing behind it, and a slug!

No more salads for Gina, ever.

It’s love

Just another lazy morning on the couch for Winnie.
Then big old Bella joined him for a snuggle.And they fell asleep like this.

T’s flower pics

Strawberry blossom

Fiveleaf akebia

Sunflower closed

Sunflower open

What’s for breakfast

Wow guys, you should try eating couscous for breakfast. The recipe is a little wierd, especially the part where you steep a tea bag in the simmering fruit…
And you have to get past the idea of eating dinner food in the morning. But it’s delicious! We’ve had it a couple of times now.

For his breakfast, Winnie ate an olive pillow.

Bad cookie

The cookies we made tonight did not turn out right at all.

Strawberry eating

It’s going to be strawberries at every meal this week. The other day we made strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream.
And this morning, we had a big puffy baked pancake. Thomas called it Croc-off-loff. Best breakfast ever! You all should try it. It was like Freya’s once in a lifetime breakfast, but quick and easy. We used salted butter in the pan which made it taste even better.

Topped with strawberries, powdered sugar, and lemon.

Thomas put a little more sugar on his…