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Go Buckeyes!

We rang in the football season in style.
Thomas watched the game while Gina made a healthy lunch.


Bread: take 2

Gina was determined to make edible bread. She found a new recipe and measured her ingredients with a kitchen scale.
Her “Rustic Italian Bread” before:
And after. It took forever to make this bread. Gina had to leave midway through to play at a wedding, so Thomas baked it.
Delicious! It turned out exactly right.


Gina tried to make homemade bread this afternoon.
It’s hard to tell what happened because Gina never cooked bread before, but the bread is horrible. It is kind of like concrete. Thomas, who is always kind, said that it is delicious but that he probably will just eat 2 slices.

Good One

To see a video of Gina’s grannies playing Mario Kart, click here.

Game night

Winnie is very good at Rummikub, actually.

Guess what we saw

Tonight the three of us went with Meaghan and Scott to see a really good movie!
It was great. The audience was very animated (get it?) and a lady behind us laughed really hard at everything. Everyone clapped when the panda didn’t eat the dumpling and at the end of the movie too. It was lots of fun.

Fiesta with Daniel

Around here, Friday night is Mariachi night!

The best chips and salsa
Girly men with some girly drinks
Thanks for dinner, Daniel!

We’re not sure why, but when we requested a fast song they played us “Rocky Top.”